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Oil mill, flour mill and pasta manufacturer Terre dell'Olmo

...a Salento story on your table

Apulian extra virgin olive oil, flour and pasta from 100% Italian durum Saragolla wheat.

We are convinced defenders of the agricultural tradition of Salento Salento and "romantically" anchored to the protection of the authenticity of the agricultural products that this territory has always given to its people, we only offer PRODUCTS THAT ORIGINATE FROM OUR REGION.

At a time when intensive agriculture and the marketing of agricultural products of dubious origin are spreading worldwide, the business philosophy of Terre dell'Olmo is completely against the trend.

An ever-growing clientele rewards our passion for the land and the long experience gained in the olive, cereal and legume sectors. A passion and experience that allowed us to produce extra virgin olive oil, pasta and genuine and superior quality durum wheat flours. All our products are obtained EXCLUSIVELY from raw materials of our own production and processed in our family business..

The mill, oil mill and pasta factory are located in the same building and are surrounded by the land we cultivate. All our business activities are therefore carried out in a logic of a real short production chain and 100 % locally sourced, in full respect of the agricultural tradition of Salento and the environment with a careful eye to the health of consumers and minimizing the interventions on the plants..


Azienda agricola TERRE DELL'OLMO
S. P. 309 (vecchia Campi-Salice) 
Località "Olmo"
73012 - Campi Salentina (LE)
Phone number:+39 0832 794113
Mobile: +39 3290528217
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